Ribbon Printer
How a Thermal Transfer Ribbon Printer works

The thermal transfer process is accomplished in a thermal
transfer printer by applying a voltage to the printhead that
consists of 200 to 600 resistive heating elements per linear
inch of printhead (dpi-dots per inch). The resistive material
is covered by a thin coating or "glaze" that protects the
heating elements from abrasion as the thermal transfer film
makes contact with it.

The line of printhead elements is in direct pressure contact
with the back side of the thermal film. The ink side of the
thermal film is in direct contact with the receiver (ribbon).
This thermal film and receiver "sandwich" is driven by a
rubber-covered platen roller under the printhead print line
at a speed consistent with the heating cycle time of the

Heat from the printing elements raises the ink to a
temperature above its melting point. At this time the ink
from the thermal film transfers to the receiver and adheres
to it. Together, the thermal film and receiver continue to
move from under the printhead for a short distance before
separation of thermal film and receiver occurs. It is at this
point that the image is formed. The text is permanent, water
resistant and will not run.

Why Choose The Ribbon Printer ?
The Ribbon Printer is an outstanding thermal transfer
ribbon printer. With advanced standard features and flexible
options, the Printer is engineered to meet your ribbon
printing applications. Manufactured with an all metal print
mechanism, it provides for a more durable and reliable
printer. With innovative TrueSpeed technology, the Printer
achieves a constant print speed of up to 3 inches per second.
It requires minimum counter space, and its light weight
allows the printer to be easily moved to any convenient
location. Our printer comes with a two year warranty.

Durable & Reliable – Engineered using only the highest
quality components and built with an all metal print
mechanism to deliver consistent printing and low printer

Versatile - Print single or multiple narrow ribbons ranging
in sizes from one quarter inch up to four inches. Savings will
vary. Print a thirty-six inch memorial ribbon for as little as
ten cents or multiple narrow ribbons for less than two cents

Customize – The easy to use software allows for quick setup
and printing. Get creative with fonts, images and colors.
Stack (prize ribbons) or rotate your text 360 degrees. When
completed, save your settings for your next print job

Efficient – The printer uses a left margin alignment which
provides for a more efficient use of transfer film, potentially
cutting your transfer film costs in half

Multi-language capability – Prepare and print your ribbons
in any language using your desktops true-type format
language fonts (Truetype format language fonts must be
present in your Windows font folder).

Technical Specifications
Compact Size
W 7.3" x H 6.0" x L 10.9"
(W 186mm x D 153mm x H 278mm)

4.6 lbs (2.1kgs)

Power Source
19 VAC or DC24V (min. 2.5A) 50/60 Hz

Agency Listing
CED, UL, CUL, FCC class B

Software Requirements
Microsoft Windows Operating System (version 95+)

Printing Resolution
203 dpi (8 dots/mm)

Max Print Speed
3 ips (76mm/s)

Max Printing Length
43" (1092mm)

Min-Max Printing Width
.25" (6.35mm) - 4.13" (105mm)

PCX bit map
GDI Graphics

RS-232 serial, Centronics

Operation Environment
40oF ~ 100oF (4oC ~ 38oC)
Humidity: 10~90% non-condensing
Video in Quick Time
To see the video in quick time
click in the link below. and to
soom right click and select zoom
Package A: Flower Shops
- 1 Transfer Film Roll (gold)
- 1 Ribbon Roll
- Software
- Printer Cable
- 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Package B: Party Favors
- 1 Transfer Film Roll (gold)
- 1 Ribbon Guide
- Software
- Printer Cable
- 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

black, 4in.x 298ft.

silver, 4in.x 298ft.

gold, 4in.x 243ft.

royal, 4in.x 298ft.

baby blue, 4in.x 298ft.

hot pink, 4in.x 298ft.

red, 4in.x 298ft.

white, 4in.x 298ft.